Wealth and the Weekend

So the portrait sale is a smashing hit, of course! I've sold a whopping total of eight portraits and my financial woes are a thing of the past!

I made one of Marta, the amazingly talented lady behind 'The Luscious Joys of Princess Misia' - your one stop destination for prettyfingerlicking food photography and recipes. Where's the food, indeed. Then, two more, for VERS magazine. There's also a comic of mine that will be published in the magazine, but more about that later. And finally, I made a whole bunch for the amazing Turtlewings crew. And then I took a nap. 

Anyhow. The big sale came not a minute too late, as me and my freshly earned 'doekoes', as we like to call them here, took the husband (or, the husband took me, as I still can't drive) to Friesland, where we attended a wedding, partied it up, contemplated sailing (rain, no wind, no dice), and went to see 'Borgman' instead. 

Journal page for the weekend of Saturday September 7th and Sunday September 8th!

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