Portrait Party

Ola, my darlings!
Two things are happening.

1. I am broke 
s a very non-funny joke from all the marrying, traveling, and driving around with expensive instructors (and ehm *ahem* failing *cough* my first test). and am especially interested in experimenting with drawing portraits.

2. I am feeling the itch to draw again
So. Put two and two together and what we seem to have on our hands here is A SALE, my friends. 

My grandma in days gone by. 

For €20,- I will make a high res digital portrait of your beautiful face and email it to you. Great for all sorts of (online) birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, and pool parties. Or you could use it as a profile picture. Or print it and put it on your bathroom wall. So many options!

This here above is a photo of my grandmother rocking out on vacation about 20 years ago. She doesn't have ze Facebooks, but you know she'd totally be blasting this one out through the internets if she had a connection. 

So head over to my Etsy shop and make me rich

Or not so disastrously poor. 

Wealth and the Weekend