Jasmin tea in one of Kim's delicious tea cups she left behind for me to use. 

Summer is definitely over now and the Dutch skies above us have switched back to those smashing shades of gray it dons most of the year. I have purchased myself a pair of new boots to replace the old ones that none of the shoe repair men (and one woman) in town could save, have dug up the winter coat (ok, it was hanging right there in the hallway, but I denied acknowledging its presence for a few months), and am dreaming of pancakes, tea, and pumpkin pie. 

Also, this video is about a year old, I think, but it's magnificent. It's a dance performance by Yokoo, one of our top sellers on Etsy, creator of amazing knitted accessories and gorgeous Etsy shops. She truly is amazing.  Check it out.

Vers = Fresh

Watery Tuesday