Vers = Fresh

Drawings in Vers Magazine. © Anna Denise Floor

Last week saw the start of the Dutch Film Festival in my hometown. Tons of Dutch celebrities I don't recognize are said to roam the cobblestoned streets, cool looking hipster folk crowd the bars I never go to at night, and I myself walked the red carpet (it was the only way to get into the theater and kind of hard to avoid). Exciting times. 

Well, actually yeah, kind of. Because the new magazine VERS ('Fresh') was presented at said festival. VERS is a magazine for 'nieuwe beeldmakers', which really doesn't translate very well, but in short: it's a magazine for those in the business of creating images or pictures, may it be film, photography, illustration, you name it.

And guess who had the honor to not only create two portraits of the editors , but also a page filling comic on the stresses of 'stepping out of your comfort zone' when self-promoting? 

 © Anna Denise Floor for VERS 

The answer was 'me', of course. But I know you knew that. 

I'm curious, though, if you're in the business of self-promotion: what makes you feel uncomfortable when it comes to doing your own marketing? Or is it 'anything goes'? 

Let me know! 


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