So, I've been drawing a lot more, lately, feeling inspired. But alas, my trusted MacBook pro has 'turned the corner' as we say in Dutch (it died) and I have yet to tackle the issue of whether to buy a new Mac, or install my (perfectly legal, thankyouverymuch) copy of CS on one of the work Macs. The boss has given me the blessing, but it feels odd to use company property for personal use. Ah. I would have made such a good communist. Or wait. Maybe not. 

Anywho. Update. 'Tis a big one this month (yes, I do realize that's what it has come to. I blame happiness). 

I got married, y'all!

I have no idea whether my husband ('We'll call him the Fantastic Mr. Floor') has strong objections to being on this blog, so I probably should check, but lemmetellyou: he's pretty much the most amazing man on the planet. Duh. Like I would have married anyone less than absolutely freaking brilliant and awesome. I'm sure you don't want to hear my rants about his awesomeness (seriously, even my journal tried to bail on me the other day, when it spontaneously 'jumped' out of my bag. It's that bad). Here's a picture. The dress was made byRaori, the hair jewel by SIBOdesigns. It was the happiest day of my life (which I always thought was complete BS, but it's true!). 

+ Honeymoon

Yeah, so I love how a good ol' roadtrip across France then all of a sudden becomes a 'honeymoon' but it was sweet nonetheless. We drank wine, sailed, bumped our butts on big rocks in a river (I didn't "up my bottom" enough according to the guide), got sunburned and ran up (and down!) a mosquito-infested mountain. Oh, and of course we had a shitload of croissants. C'est le 'thing' à faire in France. 

Also: Work is still awesome. Etsy is awesome. My colleagues are awesome. I get to go places and do good things. In fact, I'll be at Lowlands this weekend with our kickass Etsy bazar. Come say hi if you're around and I'll be happy to disgust you with my shinyhappypeople-glow. No really. Please come say hi! It'll make me look popular with my colleagues, and god knows I could use some street cred (or muddy field cred, in this case). 

See you soon, folks. Hope you're having an awesome summer.


Me and Mr. Floor after the ceremony at city hall.

Me and Mr. Floor after the ceremony at city hall.

Consuming coffee and croissants like a pro.

Consuming coffee and croissants like a pro.

Portrait Party

I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie