Journal Pages: Hair, Kittens, and Comics

I've been feeling tremendously inspired these past few weeks. Inspired to read, inspired to work, inspired to draw, inspired to... cuddle with my new kitten MISO! AAAHHH!!! 

© Anna Denise Floor - Click to enlarge

© Anna Denise Floor - Click to enlarge

This last weekend, the Stripdagen Haarlem took place in... Haarlem, a gorgeous town not far from Amsterdam. I'll devote a separate post to some of the artists I saw, discovered, and rediscovered while browsing the many booths and exhibitions, but it was a lovely day and I'm still riding the wave of creative energy it gave me. 

What inspires you? Who inspire you (right now)? I'd love to know!

Inspiration: Emma Sylvie's Snippets

Tutorial: Use Photoshop to color in your journal pages