Inspiration: Emma Sylvie's Snippets

Ever since I came across her work on Doodler's Anonymous, I've been obsessed with Emma Sylvie Fick's travel journals. Fick is a 22-year-old from Louisiana living in Serbia and teaching English on a Fulbright scholarship and sharing her European adventures with us via Tumblr.

The drawings are stunning, the narration interesting, and above all I love how the moments she chose to draw are just a little different from what you'd typically expect.

Travel isn't about seeing the famous landmarks, or visiting that one particular café - it's about all those little moments in between when you can look around, truly open to everything around you, and capture a sliver of what daily life must look like in that strange new place. She captures these moments beautifully and it feels like you're there with her, even just a little bit.

Visit Emma Sylvie's Tumblr here for a little mini-vacation of the brain. 

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