Inspiration: Oliver Jeffers' One City, Five Hours

You know how I love maps. 
And city guides. 
And oh, oh, Oliver Jeffers. I once heard someone say he's kind of a prick, but I don't believe one word of it because I mean, how can he be when he draws books about crayons that go on strike? It just isn't possible. 

Anyhow. Drawn maps + city guide + Oliver Jeffers = Magic. 

Miami © Oliver Jeffers for Hemisphere

I found these amazing illustrations from Oliver Jeffers' "One city, Five Hours” project via Messynessychique. They appear regularly in the United Airlines magazine, Hemisphere, pairing Jeffers' illustrations with various travel writers’ five hour guides to common layover city stops. 

Just amazing. I clearly need to fly United more often (to far away fun places). 

Shanghai © Oliver Jeffers for Hemisphere

Stockholm © Oliver Jeffers for Hemisphere

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