Picturing January

Mo Move, Mo Moe

January rushed by like my grandma on roller-skates. Faster than you think, but kind of crazy. We came back from Israel, picked up the keys to our new house (exactly a year after we first re-met! Yay!), and started cleaning, painting, and moving. Awesome and exciting, even though in the end, we had so much more stuff (and a lot less money) than we had hoped. All in all the move itself went smoothly, though, thanks to the help of my family. 

Unpacking and getting settled took most of the remaining weeks of January, but we've managed to make it feel like 'home'. We're trying (and failing) not to get too attached to the place, as the house is actually for sale, and against all the odds (or, the odds as described by our landlords), there are actually some serious candidates looking at the house. It's kind of nerve-wracking, but there's not much we can do. 

Hand Lettering

In between unpacking boxes, I bought a Pentel brush pen and started experimenting with hand lettering. It's much harder than I thought, but it's a very relaxing thing to do. The poem on the left is by a Dutch writer, Martin Bril, and I read it to Jochem on our wedding day, as part of my vows. It's hard to translate, but the sentiment (to me) is the desire to go at it, on adventures, everywhere, together. 

The Team in the Broom Closet

Oh, and not only did I move house, at our office, we moved into a new space. My colleague lovingly calls it "our very own piece of broom closet", and although I'd argue that it is a bit bigger than that, we're happy to be in it either way.

Also: Winter in Holland + visitors! My colleague from Germany spent the week with us in cold, windy, Amsterdam, which was awesome. Working remotely is definitely a blessing and a curse, but having people come over (or being in other offices, as I'll do next week - yay travel!) always reminds me how much I love working and being part of a team. 

How did the year start off for you?

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