Journal Page: 4 Days in London

Journal Page: 4 Days in London

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I was in London last week for work, which sounds great and is really great but for different reasons than why it sounds great.

See, most people seem to think that when you travel for work, you get to do some sightseeing, lots of shopping, and expensive meals. And while that's certainly a possibility, that's usually not how it goes down for me.

See, I kind of adore my job, and on top of that, I'm one of those annoying people with an overactive conscious. So, when I'm in London for work and the company's paying, I go straight from the airport to the office and work. I eat cheap cup-of-noodles in the little studio we rent out, and work some more. I do get out - to meet with partners, or to hang with colleagues, but usually this doesn't involve expensive restaurants or clubs (what would I even wear?). To be honest, I kind of love it that way. It gives me time to focus on the job at hand, to work on the problems we're trying to tackle. It allows for some me-time (did anyone say nail polish?), and watch the Olympics while gazing at a spreadsheet.

Yeah. I told you I was fancy. 

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