Instagram L♥ve (1): Annings

I love Instagram. Ever since I signed up almost two years ago, it has knocked all other social media apps right off of their dusty little pedestals and has gradually turned me into a food-photographing d-bag. But, seriously, what's not to love? It has great creative potential, it's fun, easy, and if you follow the right people, pictures of food and kitties have replaced vague status updates and duck faced selfies (except for the 'ironic' kind, of course). 

This month, as I'm working on my hand lettering skills, I'm loving Annings' Instagram feed to bits. Anningswho outside of Instagramland is called Anna Ignacio, is an artist and designer from Manilla, currently located in Singapore. Her feed is a delicious and bright concatenation of coffee, hand lettered quotes and wisdoms, and breakfast.

Oh, I so love the idea of mornings. 
The fact that I have not recently enjoyed any mornings myself where I was both conscious and not in terrible agony, longing for caffeine, doesn't change this. I love the concept of mornings.

Quick links: You can follow Annings on Instagram here & you can find my duck faced selfies and complaints about the weather here.

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