NEWS: Teaching 'The Whimsical Sketchbook' Klass for Sketchbook Skool!

NEWS: Teaching 'The Whimsical Sketchbook' Klass for Sketchbook Skool!

A few months ago I did something totally scary - I stood in front of a camera to film a class for Sketchbook Skool! I am so excited to be teaching in The Whimsical Sketchbook with four other insanely talented artists like Rebecca Green, Mike Lowery, Vanessa Brantley Newton, and Miriam Bos. If you know me only a little bit, you'll know I am seriously hardcore #fangirling over here and still can't believe I am actually part of a project these amazing artists have worked on as well. Like what happened!?

What is this course about?

Well, definitely watch the trailer below if you'd like to find out. In this class you'll spend five weeks with five illustrators exploring, aimed at inspiring your creativity by immersing you in the lives and the studios of four artists who use their sketchbooks as incubators of stories, emotions, and vivid new worlds.

You’ll learn by watching the artist sharing their step-by-step process in 12 different demos using everything from gouache, markers, ink, crayons, collage, iPads, colored pencils, watercolors, pastels, and more..

What am I teaching?

Once again, check out the video below. I'll be sharing my personal story - about why I keep an illustrated journal, what it means to me, and how it helps me process my life as I move through it.

I'll also be sharing some of my top tips for keeping your own journal. One of the key things I have learned through these last 10+ years of keeping an illustrated journal is that a good layout can really make your drawings stand out, while also keeping enough space to write about your adventures. In this course I talk about the five layouts I like working with, how I plan out my pages, and share easy hacks you can use no matter what skill level you're at (because honestly, I feel like I am at level 0 most days, so I am all about the hacks!). 

How does it work?

You sign up here, and then klass starts June 18th. For five weeks, you'll work with a different teacher each week, learning from them, and completing assignments. Each artist will also do a webinar at the end of their week to ask them (and thus me!) anything. 


Where do I sign up?

Funny you should ask! Because I've got just the link for you (and please use THIS link, as I get a little bit of ££ when you sign up using my link, which equals to more snacks for the babies and honestly, you'd be a monster if you'd deny my babies snacks, no?):

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