Review: Paperless Post

Review: Paperless Post

NB: This post was sponsored by Paperless Post. Thanks, guys!

You guys know I love my stationery and I love sending people cards - for birthdays, new homes, births, or just to let them know I'm thinking about them. Often, however, my cards or letters never make it to their intended recipient. Why? Because I'm too busy (lazy) to go to the post office. So when Paperless Post, a website and app for online invites and stationery, approached me to try their services, I was intrigued. Here's my review!

The Designs

The first thing that stood out to me are the designs. There are designer collections, created by well known designers like Kate Spade (very fun), Emily McDowell, or my favorite Rifle Paper Co, but also a bunch of designers and illustrators that I had never heard of but really loved (Little Cube, for example).

You're able to fully customize the cards any way you like - from the color of the background, the lining, lettering, and 'stamp and postmark'. I really enjoyed playing around with this part, so much so, that in one case I actually forgot to edit the template copy and sent my beloved husband a note ending in 'XOXO Cliff'.

One more note on the designs - even though the cards are digital, they have a 'real' look to them, which makes them feel more special than other e-cards. 

Events and Tracking

One thing I haven't yet had a chance to try is using Paperless Post as an event planning service. When I was pregnant, however, a dear friend organized a baby shower for me, and she used Paperless Post to invite the guests and get people to RSVP. It was a perfect option as it definitely would have been over the top for her to design and send out paper invites, and the rsvp functionality made it really easy for us to see who had and hadn't opened their invite, and who was and wasn't coming. 

I can imagine not everyone would be interested in using an online service to send out their wedding invites, but I was very charmed by their 'wedding weekend stationery', which allows people to design everything from welcome letters, to menus, and programs. Smart move, because getting everything printed can be a hassle (especially when you leave it last minute). And although I haven't tried this, apparently you can also order some of the cards and stationery to be printed and (rush-) shipped to your home. 

The Verdict

As a wedding and baby shower card designer, I obviously don't feel like it can fully replace the look and feel of stationery 100% customized to your wishes (printed on deliciously heavy paper with a sandy texture, yummm), but I all in all, I liked Paperless Post a lot more than I thought I would. It's a great and charming option if you want to send someone a quick note, congratulations, or organize a get together and keep track of your guests. The cards are beautiful and the interface is easy and fun to use for both sender and recipient. It feels really special, and I definitely will be using Paperless Post more often going forward - especially when organizing a brunch, baby shower, or other event (Jacob's first birthday party? Eek!).

Have you tried Paperless Post yet? What were your thoughts?

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