Sybren's Birth Announcement

© Anna Denise Floor

A little while ago my good friends and bi-lingual couple extraordinaire Xander and Estelle from Brussels contacted me to tell me that they were expecting their second child and that I was the only one to know its sex and name before its birth. Now, I wish I could tell you that they singled me out as their only confidante because I'm such an awesome and special person (and very good at keeping secrets), but they actually wanted me to make their baby announcement, which is also if not more awesome and special (and I'm really not that good at keeping secrets).

Working with Xander and Estelle was fun and easy. They had the concept all worked out: they wanted a portrait of their daughter Juliette with her baby brother, and the text was to be her introducing him. She actually told Xander she looked forward to teaching her little brother "everything she knew", so that definitely made it on the card that was printed in both French and Dutch. Awwww. Adorbs.

© Anna Denise Floor

© Anna Denise Floor

It was such a fun assignment and once again I'm so glad that doing illustration allows me to be such a special part of those big moments in the lives of those around me and even strangers. Thank you, Xander, Estelle, Juliette, and Sybren!

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