Picturing February

I know, it's been March for a while now, but you know, things. 

Rainbows and Reads

I wasn't very active on Instagram in February, mostly because I was too busy traveling and working and felt a little down, for some reason. I feel like February is just one of those months where that inexplicably happens to me.  It's probably the lack of sunlight. Also, I read Stoner, which is a beautiful but depressing novel. Fortunately, London welcomed me with a rainbow (and coffee).

Doors & Dusk

Whenever I wasn't traveling, we spent some time exploring our new neighborhood (we found these awesome doors on our way to the supermarket), witnessing some pretty dramatic sunsets. 

One More Thing

And then, February turned bright blue and sunny! I walked around Amsterdam some, where our office is located, and started reading a new book (One More Time by B.J. Novak).
Exciting times. 

March, so far, has been much brighter and creative. To see what that means, you can follow me on Instagram here. 

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