The final Pieke eehm, Pieter sign.   © Anna Denise Floor

The final Pieke eehm, Pieter sign. 
 © Anna Denise Floor

Just a little while ago, one of my good friends gave birth to a beautiful little baby boy named Pieter. Of course, I'm one of those dorks who can't NOT make people something they don't need (and have to act all grateful about) instead of just going to the store like a normal person and picking out something they'll actually use like... pacifiers, and socks, or like, earplugs. 

Seriously, when I got my first real apartment, my parents were like "Great! Here's four boxes of useless drawings and clay art projects you've brought home the last 20 years! You can have 'em back! Tadaa!*" - and I totally get it. I'm like the sultan in Aladdin, stuffing birds with crackers they don't want (and we all know what happened to him). It's out of love, folks. All love.

Anyhow. I decided to make one of those little door signs for the little dude and here's what I did and how it happened. It's not a tutorial, as I didn't take any decent pictures or actually included any useful information on how to do it (Pet peeve: tutorials that go like "step 1: get some wood, step 2: pick out some colors, step 3: do the entire thing and make it superawesome" which I am not saying happened here, but you catch my drift. If I knew how to do the entire thing, I'd go do it and instead of wasting my time reading your so-called tutorial, but hey, that's just my personal opinion). But anyhows. I took pictures with my cell phone. Here they are. And yes, I know you can't actually read his name, which is really the only thing it needed to do, right. #Signfail


* Actually, my mom sifted through all of the drawings and turned a selection of the best/most memorable ones into a book, and then gave me the box of drawings that didn't make the cut because she didn't want to throw them out. Seriously, my parents are pretty awesome, and I had a very happy childhood, but where's the fun in that, right? ;-)


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