Home II

I am not a big believer in faith, or destiny. And by that I mean I don't believe in it at all. I don't think there's a bigger plan, or even that some things are meant to be. Coincidences are, in fact, most likely, just that. 

Nevertheless, some things sometimes just turn out too darn perfect. And by that I mean just right. And, coincidentally, lately things in my life have been going just right a lot. Very right, in fact, most of the time.

An example (not random, nor the most important): When I decided to move back to The Netherlands earlier this year, Kim Welling, an Etsy seller whose work I've been a fan of for so many years (see her shop here) reached out to say she'd be interested in subletting her apartment in the center of my native town of Utrecht. I dropped by for tea, gaped at the place, we shook hands, and the deal was pretty much done. 

Two weeks later, we both signed on the line that was dotted - and I moved in. And, well, for lack of a better word - it's just been awesome. Kim (who has an amazing blog filled with her superb illustrations, great tips for creative entrepreneurs, and gorgeous photos, so go read!) has a wonderful sense of style and it's just been a perfect fit. It has felt like home to me from the second we dumped those 30-some boxes (ugh! how did that happen! why do I own so much shit?) in the middle of that superbly yellow-wallpapered living room. It's been the perfect place to unwind, read, listen to music, love, and chill in between travels and work. 

I have so many things to be grateful for, and this place is one of them for sure. Thank you, Kim!