Picturing November

Oh em gee, ef em es, it's December.

I can't even believe how fast this year has gone by, it's scary. 
So, in order to keep track of time at least a little bit, I decided to do one of those 'Picturing November' posts this time around. I am totally stealing this from my infinitely more talented photographer, artist, designer, super mother and blogger friend Sabra, but I'm sure she doesn't mind. 

Fall Came (& Went?)

No comment. It's pretty, yes. But still. No comment. 


I really did enjoy my breakfast this month, especially when traveling. Left: breakfast at Cornucopia in Dublin - most amazing vegan food, we ate there three times that week. On the right: breakfast at Bistrot Bruno Loubet in London. Very good croissants (for London), and just the prettiest menus and place mats. 

Hair Don't

Then, I decided it was time for a hair cut. I decided wrong. Here's the before & after. I am not a fan.  I know everyone else in my tiny universe seems to love it or is kind enough to lie to me, but I am not a fan. Just can't get used to the bangs, man, you know? Ya feel me? I just can't handle it, dude.


There was a good amount of doodling this month. Left: my doodle. Right: my husband's more poetic doodle. Oh, just so you know: the man speaks perfect French and then does jokes. In French. Illustrated French jokes. I know. I love him, but I kind of hate him, too ;-). 

If this didn't satisfy your appetite, more Instagram pics can be found right over here. Enjoy!

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