Our Invites

I always thought that I would never design my own wedding invite. Heck, up until pretty recently, I didn't even think I would get married any time soon. But then I did!

The Wedding Invites

 © Anna Denise Floor

Jochem and I decided on the style and content of the design together, which was great. We felt since it was a simple and small wedding, we wanted to keep the invites as clean as possible. 

 © Anna Denise Floor

We had the cards professionally printed on heavy card stock, then wrapped them in blue tissue paper. A true collectors item ;-) as only 14 people received a package.


The Party Invites

Of course, silly us for thinking we could just get married and be done with it. A party was in order, of course. Last weekend, almost 70-80 people (I lost count) showed up for our modest wedding bash. So fun. I shared a cigarette with my mom, I think my grandma got a little drunk, one of my best friends poured vitamin water into my brothers mojito. It was a classy affair, let it be said. 

 © Anna Denise Floor

The invites (sent out digitally) of course had to include some pictures of us (taken in a photo booth in France last summer), as somehow in between the butterflies and wedding rings, we hadn't quite gotten around to introducing each other to everyone just quite yet. Dus.

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