N&J's Wedding Invites

Nuria & Jochem's Save the Date © Anna Denise Floor

This summer, my best friend Nuria got married three days before we eloped (hehe). I was lucky to be one of her witnesses, and, on top of this, had the honor to create their wedding invites. I've done a few now, and I absolutely love doing them. It's such a special thing, to create something so personal for what's one of the most important moment's in people's lives. Needless to say, I was feeling the pressure, but I'm actually pretty proud of how they turned out.

For the 'Save the Date', we decided to base it off of the location in South America (Point Pirulil on Isla Grande de Chiloé to be exact) where (her) Jochem got on one knee and proposed. My friends are big travelers and the proposal came near the end of their 9-month trip around the world. Awww...

The invites had to have a weddingish food-theme - traditional but fun, and mostly delicious. They hosted their wedding at a gorgeous historical farm / restaurant in the middle of nowhere, and got married amidst the zucchini flowers growing in their organic vegetable garden. Fitting, as we're dealing with two total vegetarian food snobs here. The farm is in the background here.

Nuria & Jochem's Wedding Invite © Anna Denise Floor

Nuria and Jochem's Thank You Cards © Anna Denise Floor

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 6.40.43 PM.png

The food was marvelous, as was the wine, and we turned the thank you card into a food fest as well. Nuria and Jochem left for their Italian honeymoon right after, so we included some more food, pasta, and a Fiat 500 in the design.


Overall, I'm happy with the result, but mostly - I'm just so glad I got to do this for my dear friends and helped to make their special day. It's such an honor. 

Ok. That made me feel the feels. I'm out.
Have a fun weekend everyone, and see you soon! 


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