Journal Pages: Death, Gold & Drugs

© Anna Denise Floor - Click to enlarge

© Anna Denise Floor - Click to enlarge

© Anna Denise Floor - Click to enlarge

Felt like bustin' out the markers this week, so here's some real color for you, folks! As always, click the images to enlarge the picture and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Inspiration: Oliver Jeffers' One City, Five Hours

You know how I love maps. 
And city guides. 
And oh, oh, Oliver Jeffers. I once heard someone say he's kind of a prick, but I don't believe one word of it because I mean, how can he be when he draws books about crayons that go on strike? It just isn't possible. 

Anyhow. Drawn maps + city guide + Oliver Jeffers = Magic. 

Miami © Oliver Jeffers for Hemisphere

I found these amazing illustrations from Oliver Jeffers' "One city, Five Hours” project via Messynessychique. They appear regularly in the United Airlines magazine, Hemisphere, pairing Jeffers' illustrations with various travel writers’ five hour guides to common layover city stops. 

Just amazing. I clearly need to fly United more often (to far away fun places). 

Shanghai © Oliver Jeffers for Hemisphere

Stockholm © Oliver Jeffers for Hemisphere

Rock Star Status

I think I can safely say that I am now famous. I did two interviews in one month AND I was recognized by a fan in my local supermarket! Actually, that was my sister-in-law, and I went up to her as she didn't even see me, but she DID recognize me and talk to me. But the interviews happened! They're both in Dutch, so sorry everyone else.

Gratitude @ Allihoppa 
I did an interview with Annelies from Allihoppa.
I share my thoughts on drawing, form and function, on my process,  and gratitude. If you speak Dutch, I definitely recommend following the Annelies' blog as it's filled with DIY tips, interior design inspiration, interviews, and craft!

Life & Work @ 101 Woonideeën
I also was interviewed for a new feature on the 101 Woonideeën blog
, where Etsy makers talk about and show the spaces they live and work in! All of the lovely photos in that interview and this blog post were made by the talented Riley Salyards from Swift & Roe. I talk about my work, our house and the million things I bought off of Etsy that fill my house (I call it 'investing'). 

In addition to the amazing photos Riley took of my house and Miso she took some really nice photos of the studio and me at work. 

Thanks Annelies, Riley, Monique, and Ingrid for making me feel like a rock star!